Development of an Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Framework to ensure implementation of an effective evaluation and assessment process in regulating and managing the State’s water resources. Three components of this project included a Water Shortage Plan for the Pearl Harbor Aquifer Sector, a Water Reuse Report to update information on reclaimed water projects throughout the state, and a Water Conservation Manual to help state agencies implement efficient water and energy practices.
Civil planning services to evaluate the existing structural conditions and infrastructural capacities of the aging DLNR Administration Building and provide design services for site improvements that include the construction of a new office building. The Planning Report for the new building with improved on-site infrastructure integrates the needs of multiple DLNR division offices into a design that satisfies individual functionality, space, and personnel requirements.
Civil planning services to upgrade the camping grounds at Malaekahana State Recreation Area, Kahuku Section. Planning services include a condition assessment of the seven cabins observed to be in poor condition and potentially uninhabitable, cabin replacement recommendations, and a list of necessary environmental clearances and permits.
Civil planning services to identify, evaluate, and provide recommendations to address increased public traffic at the Maunawili Falls Trailhead and its impact on the surrounding residential community. TLCG’s feasibility study and alternatives analysis, which integrated community feedback gathered through public meetings and outreach, resulted in a recommendation for the construction of a remote 85-stall parking lot and comfort station in the Queen’s Retreat area.
Preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Study to determine a preferred site location for Oahu’s first recycled water reservoir, a nonpotable site at 215-foot elevation in the Kapolei area. The proposed reservoir integrates Department of Health wastewater regulations with the Board of Water Supply water storage guidelines. TLCG developed the analysis of two alternative sites, including recommendations for site feasibility, the suggested layout, conceptual reservoir siting, and preliminary construction cost estimates.
Preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Study to determine the suitability of the remaining land area within the Board of Water Supply’s Aina Haina Reservoir No. 1 and Booster Station property to site a second 0.5 million gallon reservoir . The study identified a recommended location for the second reservoir, potential access around the reservoir, infrastructure improvements, and landscaping requirements
Master planning and feasibility study in support of the Kua O Ka La Public Charter School facilities master plan. Services include identifying, evaluating, and preparing cost estimates for recommended improvements related to water (potable and non-potable), wastewater (collection, treatment, and reuse), grading/drainage, and roadway infrastructure.
Civil and environmental engineering services in support of the Ke Kula ‘O Samuel M. Kamakau Laboratory Public Charter School facilities master plan. TLCG identified, evaluated, and prepared cost estimates for recommended improvements related to water, wastewater, grading/drainage, and roadway infrastructure.
Civil and environmental master planning services in support of the Waimanalo Healthcare Center’s facility expansion. Planning services included infrastructure assessment, recommendations for proposed infrastructure and utility service upgrades, space planning recommendations, and identification of permit requirements.
Civil and environmental planning services for the new administration and base yard facility for the Department of Land and Natural Resources in West Hawaii. The new facility will combine the staff administrative offices and base yard services into a single location.
Preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Report for the development of the Kapiolani Community College Culinary Institute of the Pacific, a facility that would house classrooms, faculty offices, administration spaces, an amphitheater, and a full-service restaurant, at the site of the former Fort Ruger Cannon Club in Honolulu. The report identifies the existing site infrastructure, presents design criteria, and recommends improvements that would accommodate the proposed culinary institute.
Assessment and identification of existing site opportunities and constraints related to the development of the Kapiolani Community College campus. TLCG prepared Alternative Site Plans for the campus, including an evaluation of surrounding properties for possible campus expansion. The site plans address current and future infrastructure, possible building locations and recreational areas, parking lot configurations, and general landscaping.
Planning services to prepare a civil infrastructure study for five towns of the South Kauai Community Plan Update: Kalaheo, Lawai, Omao, Koloa, and Poipu. Planning services included site investigation, review of plans affecting the area, preparation of technical and background reports, and facilitation of a Citizen’s Advisory Committee workshop in coordination with the Planning Department.
Preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Report for Nanakuli Village Center infrastructure improvements, including roadways and access, water/wastewater, grading, and drainage. TLCG is also involved in a regional planning initiative to assess and identify facility programming options for the Nanakuli Village Center, Community Learning Center in Nanakuli, and the Community Learning Center in Maili, all facilities owned and operated by Kamehameha Schools.
Feasibility study for proposed roadway improvements near Tripler Medical Center’s main entry gate, including roadway widening, roadway realignment, grading requirements, and design of supporting utilities. The feasibility report ensured proper alignment with city and federal engineering guidelines for public roads.
Engineering study to investigate the existing water resource infrastructure for the lower Kawailoa area and to explore possible drought mitigation measures to minimize the impact of water resource deficiencies on the area farmers. This project was supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s sponsorship program in coordination with West Oahu Soil and Water Conservation District and the Natural Resource Conservation Service.
Feasibility study to investigate the efficiency of commercially-available storm drain filtration devices in reducing non-point source pollution from street runoff. The study included site survey work, six-month field tests, and preparation of a summary report detailing research, analyses performed, and results of the field tests.
Engineering planning services to update the 2004 Hawaii Water Reuse Survey and Report with current recycled water usage, opportunities, and challenges throughout the state, as well as recommendations to advance recycled water usage in Hawaii. Services included a complete inventory of all wastewater treatment plants and reclamation facilities in the state, and an investigation and description of all recycled water facilities with a focus on expanding recycled water usage.
Civil planning services to evaluate the functionality of the existing Wahiawa wastewater collection system and treatment plant for current and future usage. The wastewater management plan includes recommended rehabilitation and expansion of collection, treatment, and disposal facilities, as well as preliminary facility layouts and process schematics. TLCG also prepared necessary environmental studies and reports to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the Clean Water Act.
Civil planning and design modifications to the Wahiawa Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to ensure compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Consent Decree, which seeks to minimize sanitary sewer overflows. An Alternatives Analysis Report was prepared to investigate the entire WWTP for reliability and efficiency improvements.
Planning and design services to correct hydraulic and structural deficiencies of approximately 42,000 linear feet of sewer line. A Design Alternatives Report was prepared to identify, analyze, and evaluate the condition of existing wastewater collection system and infrastructure capacities, constraints, and deficiencies. The City and County of Honolulu Department of Design and Construction, Wastewater Division, awarded TLCG with a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding work on this project.
Civil planning and design services to correct existing hydraulic and physical deficiencies in a portion of sewer line between OCCC and the intersection of Nimitz Highway and Sand Island Access Road. TLCG prepared two planning reports: a Route Alternatives Report which identified and evaluated possible route alternatives to alleviate problems associated with the sewer line and a Design Alternatives Report which identified, evaluated, and examined design and construction requirements with preliminary design and cost estimates for various construction methods of the recommended alternative.
Planning and design services for the evaluation and replacement of an existing on-site wastewater treatment plant that services approximately 40 housing units. TLCG prepared an Alternatives Analysis Report to evaluate the feasibility, provide cost estimates, and make recommendations for each of the following alternatives: connect to City sewer system, retrofit/rehabilitate the existing sewage treatment plant, construct a new gang septic system, and construct a new sewage treatment plant with reuse option.
Civil planning and design services to rehabilitate approximately 25,000 linear feet of sewer lines and 142 sewer manholes in the Palolo area of Honolulu. A Design Alternatives Report was prepared to identify the extent of sewer rehabilitation and to provide a recommended alternative with preliminary layouts and cost estimates.
Planning and design services for a re-circulating wastewater filtration system to reduce water consumption and sewer usage at the Honolulu Zoo Hippo Exhibit. The innovative, closed-loop filtration system features coarse screens and pressure sand filters to lower the financial and environmental costs of downstream pumping and treatment of hippo pool wastewater.
Civil planning and design services for improvements to the existing sewage pump station and force main at the Kauai Community Correctional Center. TLCG performed a pump station evaluation and prepared a planning report to evaluate alternatives and recommend improvements.
Civil planning and design services to correct existing hydraulic and structural deficiencies in a portion of sewer line along Fort Weaver Road between Renton Road and Geiger Road. A Pre-Design Report was prepared that identified and evaluated wastewater problems and provided rehabilitation and replacement alternatives for improving both structural and hydraulic conditions. In recognition of outstanding work on this project, TLCG was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the City and County of Honolulu, Department of Design and Construction—Wastewater Division (2006).
Planning services to investigate the conditions of the gravity sewer collection system and electrical infrastructure related to the existing pump station. Scope of work included repairs to the existing gravity sewer lines with structural damage, upgrades to the existing power system, rehabilitation of all gravity sewer lines to address infiltration, and installation of manhole infiltration prevention devices.