Collection System

Planning and design services to correct hydraulic and structural deficiencies of approximately 42,000 linear feet of sewer line. The recommended sewer improvements included the design of open cut trench for spot repairs, cured-in-place piping rehabilitation, open cut trench replacement of existing sewers with new polyvinyl chloride pipe, rehabilitation of existing manholes, and installation of new manholes. The City and County of Honolulu Department of Design and Construction, Wastewater Division, awarded TLCG with a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding work on this project.
Civil planning and design services to correct existing hydraulic and physical deficiencies in a portion of sewer line between OCCC and the intersection of Nimitz Highway and Sand Island Access Road. The recommended design called for the realignment of approximately 450 linear feet (LF) of gravity sewer lines and the rehabilitation of 465 LF of sewer line.
Design of a new gravity sewer main (3,300 linear feet of 36-inch fiberglass reinforced pipe) constructed through microtunneling to convey increased wastewater flows from the Ocean Pointe Development. This project provided sewer capacity to support Ocean Pointe development while ensuring a cost-effective, structurally-sound alternative to a previously-planned rehabilitation project.
Design services to realign a portion of sewers along Pukele Stream in Palolo Valley that were hazardous for City personnel to access. Design included the rehabilitation of 10-inch pipe and the installation of a new 8-inch sewer line. This project reduced the safety risks associated with cleaning the existing sewer lines by creating a diversion and abandoning approximately 1,200 linear feet of the existing sewer along the stream.
Design of sewer improvements along Rose Street and Kamehameha IV Road (SMPR 66), as well as Richard Lane and Linapuni Street (SMPR 67). Work for SMPR 66 and SMPR 67 included the design for open-trench installation of new 6-, 8-, and 15-inch pipe, rehabilitation of existing 6- and 8-inch pipe, and the installation of new manholes.
Civil planning, design, and project management services for the replacement of approximately 1,475 linear feet of 12-inch force main wastewater transmission pipeline located along Kalanianaole Highway.
Civil design and construction administration services to replace approximately 30 linear feet of 12-inch sewer force main. The project included open-trench installation and the abandonment in-place of the existing force main.
Civil design, project management, and construction administration services for the rehabilitation of a 30-inch gravity sewer using Cured-In-Place-Piping (CIPP) along Hawaii Kai Drive and the rehabilitation of five sewer manholes.
Civil design, project management, and construction administration services for the rehabilitation of 1,694 linear feet of 18-inch gravity sewer along Kawaihae Street.
Civil design, project management, and construction administration services for the rehabilitation of 40 manholes throughout Oahu. This design-build project delivers long-term, cost-effective relief to the City and County of Honolulu by optimizing sewer manhole flow.
Civil design services to remove the shallow-buried portions of the remaining Niu Valley Wastewater Pump Station (WWPS) emergency bypass force main along Kalanianaole Highway.
Civil planning and design services to correct existing hydraulic and structural deficiencies in a portion of sewer line along Fort Weaver Road between Renton Road and Geiger Road. In recognition of outstanding work on this project, TLCG was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the City and County of Honolulu, Department of Design and Construction—Wastewater Division (2006).


Civil planning and design modifications to the Wahiawa Wastewater Treatment Plant to ensure compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Consent Decree, which seeks to minimize sanitary sewer overflows. Planning and design services included an Alternatives Analysis Report to investigate the entire facility for reliability and efficiency, flow projections through the calendar year 2020, and complete recommendations for front- and back-end improvements.
Planning and design services for the evaluation and replacement of an existing on-site wastewater treatment plant that services approximately 40 housing units. The design of a new Fixed-Film Media System installed belowground included an underground pump station, underground septic tank, and aboveground aeration blowers with variable speed drives.
Civil design and construction administration services for an upgrade assessment of the existing Pump Station No. 5 and Pump Station No. 7 in Hawaii Kai. Design included installation of submersible pumps, modifications to existing wet well, above-ground piping and valves to connect the wet well to the existing force main, demolition and site work of existing gravity sewer lines, and identification of necessary construction permits.
Assessment upgrade of the existing Hawaii Kai Pump Station No. 1 and the preparation of design plans and specifications for bid documentation. Design components of the upgrade included submersible pumps and side rails; new wetwall hatch covers; new wetwall protective lining; piping, valves, and appurtenances for the existing and newly constructed force mains; and magnetic flow meter.
Design for a capacity upgrade of the Ewa Beach Wastewater Pump Station to support Ocean Pointe development by Haseko (Ewa), Inc. This upgrade doubled the pump station capacity to 18 MGD, supporting plans for residential construction and further development throughout Ocean Pointe.
Civil planning and design services for improvements to the existing sewage pump station and force main at the Kauai Community Correctional Center. TLCG addressed major deficiencies in the existing system through design recommendations to replace outdated equipment with new pumps and apparatuses for better performance and efficiency. The project also included a thorough cleaning of the gravity sewer system and force main pipes.
Planning and design services for a re-circulating wastewater filtration system to reduce water consumption and sewer usage at the Honolulu Zoo Hippo Exhibit. The innovative, closed-loop filtration system features coarse screens and pressure sand filters to lower the financial and environmental costs of downstream pumping and treatment of hippo pool wastewater.
Planning services to investigate the existing conditions of the gravity sewer collection system and electrical infrastructures related to the existing pump station. Design work included repairs to the existing gravity sewer lines with structural damage, rehabilitation of all gravity sewer lines and manholes to address infiltration, installation of manhole infiltration prevention devices, and upgrading the existing single-phase power system to a three-phase power system.
Design services for the clean/closure of 3 inactive Large Capacity Cesspools (LCCs) and conversion of 26 LCCs to aerobic wastewater treatment systems to service recreational cabins at Bellows Air Force Station.
Civil planning and design services to close the existing large capacity cesspool at Waipahu Clubhouse, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program. TLCG developed plans to redirect the wastewater generated by the Clubhouse to the City’s sewer collection system via gravity flow.
Design services for the clean/closure of 3 inactive Large Capacity Cesspools (LCCs) and conversion of 26 LCCs to aerobic wastewater treatment systems to service recreational cabins at Bellows Air Force Station. Scope of work for the environmental permitting phase includes a Review of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and coordination services for Special Management Area (SMA), State Historic Preservation District (SHPD), and Coastal Zone Management (CZM).
Design-build project of a permanent wastewater pump station and temporary force main from the Kaloko Honokohau National Historical Park to the County of Hawaii sewer collection system. The design of a sewer lift station to handle flows from the visitor center and comfort station incorporates readily available, low maintenance materials and products to complement the site’s remote location.
Design and construction administration services for the demolition and backfill of existing aeration basins and secondary clarifiers that are not needed by the Hawaii Kai Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Program management and technical engineering services to assist with the implementation of the State’s Storm Water Management Program. Duties include outfall inspection along all State DOT highways, design of erosion control Best Management Practices to improve the quality of stormwater runoff, evaluation of permanent Best Management Practices to minimize debris from entering the storm drain systems, inspection of industrial and commercial facilities along State right-of-ways for compliance with the Clean Water Act, maintenance and monitoring of rain gauges for erosion control projects, collection and analysis of stormwater runoff in high priority watersheds, and review of permitting requirements for stream crossings.
Evaluation and design of available Best Management Practices (BMPs), Low Impact Development concepts (LIDs), and facility improvements related to stormwater quality for the Honolulu Police Department NPDES Small MS4 Permit Program. Project duties include the preparation of an Engineering Study Report to evaluate the BMPs, LIDs, and facility improvements at 10 stations; comprehensive cost/life cycle analysis of various car wash and recycled water alternatives; construction documents for the recommended facility improvements; and construction management services.
Structural Best Management Practice (BMP) engineering design services for the Kapolei and Wahiawa Police Stations to minimize and improve the quality of storm runoff. Services include a condition assessment, preparation of environmental documents and permits, drainage investigation, and design of the proposed BMP improvements (repair/replace fuel canopy structure, re-grading and re-paving of parking lot areas, and installation of bio-retention swales and drain inlet filters).
Restoration of three stream banks totaling 350 linear feet (LF) and debris removal for 840 LF of the Makaua Stream. TLCG designed bank stabilization and improvement efforts for the areas, including segmental retaining walls to restore lost embankment and grouted rip-rap lining to stabilize the eroded areas. TLCG received an Honor Award in the 2010 Engineering Excellence Awards Competition held by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Hawaii in recognition of expert quality, timeliness, and planning for this project.
Design of a replacement water distribution system consisting of approximately 5,900 linear feet of distribution mains and all appurtenances along Mahalani Street in Kaneohe, including service lateral reconnections, fire hydrants, and interconnections to the existing water distribution system.
Design of a replacement water distribution system consisting of approximately 4,200 linear feet of water lines and all appurtenances to service the Summer Street residential area in Kuliouou, Oahu. The design also included new and modified curb ramps along Kalanianaole Highway, Summer Street, and crossing streets to comply with current American with Disabilities Act guidelines. TLCG received an outstanding rating from the Board of Water Supply for responsiveness and effectiveness throughout the planning, design, and construction phases of this project.
Design of approximately 4,710 linear feet of 8-inch water mains and appurtenances, including connection to existing mains and other interconnections, cutting and plugging of mains to be abandoned, and installation of meter boxes and fire hydrants along several streets in Manoa on Oahu.
Civil design and construction observation services to bring the existing water system at the Hawaii Pacific University Windward Campus in compliance with current Board of Water Supply standards and the City and County of Honolulu Fire Department’s fire flow requirements. The project included site improvements to accommodate the installation of a new water meter, a hydraulic analysis of the existing water system, and design of a fire protection access road near proposed modular buildings.
Planning and design services to evaluate and improve the current structural conditions of 935 linear feet of existing “Black Pipe” siphon. TLCG prepared a Design Alternatives Report to evaluate proposed rehabilitation or replacement alternatives for the historic irrigation system, identify potential permit requirements, and provide a recommended alternative to meet the current water needs of the agricultural sector on the west side of Kauai. The recommended alternative was to slipline the existing 48-inch riveted steel pipe from the existing headwall to the Waimea River with a new 30-inch fusible high-density polyethylene (HPDE) pipe.

New Buildings/Facilities

Civil engineering services to evaluate the existing structure and infrastructure conditions of an aging administration building and provide design services for site improvements and the construction of a new office building.
Civil design services for site improvements to accommodate two new modular buildings on the Kaneohe campus of Hawaii Pacific University. This project won First Place for Temporary Modular in 2008 from the Modular Building Institute.
Design services for the construction of a new multi-story classroom building at the Kaimuki Christian School campus in Honolulu. Site development included the demolition and removal of existing residential structures, on-site drainage improvements, installation of concrete walkways and ADA-compliant ramps, and new sewer and water utility connections.
Civil design services for the construction of a new three-story commercial building with at-grade parking. The project consisted of a new drop curb driveway, new domestic water and sewer connections, relocation of an existing fire hydrant, and corner rounding improvements.
Design services for the addition of a new four-classroom building at the Nawahiokalani’opu’u Laboratory Public Charter School on the Island of Hawaii. The project includes the construction of a single-story wood-framed building, drainage improvements, parking lot extension with accessible routes, concrete walkways, and water/sewer laterals for two uni-sex restrooms.
Design of site improvements to accommodate a new warehouse complex in Kenai Industrial Park. The site improvements included construction of a new one-story warehouse building, a drainage system, potable water lines, on-site wastewater system, utility connections, asphaltic paving, and parking lot layout.
Design services for site improvements to accommodate a new warehouse facility in Kenai Industrial Park. Site improvements include the construction of two new buildings, a drainage system, potable water lines, on-site wastewater system, utility connections, asphaltic paving, and parking lot layout.
Design of site improvements to accommodate a new warehouse complex in Kenai Industrial Park. Site improvements include construction of a new one-story building, a drainage system, potable water lines, on-site wastewater system, utility connections, asphaltic paving, and parking lot layout.
Civil design services for the installation of a temporary 3,500 square-foot modular building at the Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, University of Hawaii at Hilo. Utilities servicing the new modular building include potable water, sewer, and electrical service, as well as a sediment trap to streamline the new wastewater collection system.
Civil and environmental planning and design services in support of Phase 3 of the Ke Kula ‘O Samuel M. Kamakau Laboratory Public Charter School strategic plan. Design included two new modular buildings and site improvements related to water (potable and non-potable), wastewater (collection, treatment, and reuse), grading/drainage, and roadway infrastructure.
Civil design services for the construction of two new multipurpose and office modular buildings with associated site and infrastructure work.
Civil planning and design services to upgrade the camping grounds at Malaekahana State Recreation Area, Kahuku Section. Site development includes demolition plans for aging cabins and auxiliary facilities; preparation of an environmental assessment; and pre-design architectural and engineering services for new cabins, facilities, and utilities.
Civil design services for the site development of an R-7.5 zoned parcel to accommodate up to seven single-family residential dwellings. Services include conducting an existing utility infrastructure assessment; mass grading of the property; and design of the new utility infrastructure.

Renovated Buildings/Facilities

Civil design and remediation services for the construction of designated commercial parking lots in the Kakaako Makai district. TLCG prepared construction documents, permit applications, and various environmental documents to identify and address on-site contaminants and environmental hazards.
Design for the reconstruction of the parking lot at the Waipahu Clubhouse facility to comply with ADA guidelines and to provide a safe environment for the Clubhouse members and staff.
Design services for the renovation of the Kirin and Yakiniku Camellia restaurant buildings, two- and three- story walkup apartment complexes, and grade level parking lots along South Beretania Street in Honolulu.
Design services for interior renovations to the existing Naval Health Clinic facility at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station. Civil site improvements consisted of parking lot reconstruction to accommodate two new ADA-compliant parking stalls and a potable water connection to the existing water distribution system.
Civil design services for interior and exterior renovations to the existing Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, Building 1492. This project incorporated sustainability principles to the fullest extent possible to achieve a minimum LEED 2009 Silver-rating under the U.S. Green Building Council LEED for New Construction.
Civil design services for the construction of a new parking lot to provide additional parking stalls for school and staff users.
Civil design services to improve the concrete walkway system on the Waianae Elementary School campus in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. This project targeted high-traffic walkways and areas in need of walkways to improve accessibility throughout campus.
Civil design services for construction improvements to replace the existing Waimano Ridge entry gate, fencing, and guard shack.
Civil design services for a parking lot extension at Tamura Super Market in Waianae to maximize the number of available stalls while ensuring efficient traffic flow. TLCG also implemented general site improvements in water, sewer, drain, and fire sprinkler connections to accommodate new deli and warehouse additions.
Civil design services for the construction of ADA improvements to various Department of Land and Natural Resources facilities—eight sites on Oahu and two sites on Kauai. This project involved the installation of new park signs and display signs; ADA-compliant picnic tables, benches, and parking stalls; and a new ADA-compliant ramp/stair system.
Civil design services for accessibility improvements to the Kona Imin Center, including the location of accessible loading stalls, new water service for fire sprinklers, drainage system upgrades, and grease trap location and sizing.
Design of the new Keaunui Drive roadway, including utility improvements, in support of the Laulani Village Commercial Development and Gentry’s Laulani Development located in Ewa, Oahu. The new roadway extends approximately 2,600 linear feet from the intersection with Kapolei Parkway to the intersection with Fort Weaver Road. Design services included mass grading plans, roadway plan and profiles, grading and erosion control plan, sidewalk and bikeway layouts, landscape plan, curb ramp plan, signing and striping plan, traffic control plans, and the preparation of NPDES permit applications.
Design for a roadway extension project at the existing Kuakini Street and Lanakila Avenue intersection. Design elements of the project included new concrete curbs, gutters, ADA-curb ramps, and sidewalks; new drainage catch basins, junction box, and drainage system; guardrails; retaining walls; site grading; pavement signage and striping; traffic signalization; and relocation of utility poles. This project received Federal funding through the American Resource and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
Design services for a full-width (curb to curb) street rehabilitation project, which included surface planning of deteriorated asphaltic pavement, removal and reconstruction of deteriorated asphaltic concrete pavement and underlying base, reconstruction of damaged or broken concrete integral curb and drainage catch basins, grade adjustments of manholes and valve boxes, restoration of pavement markings and traffic signal loops, and preparation of a NPDES NOI Form C permit.
Design for the reconstruction of Queen Street near the intersection of Queen Street and Punchbowl Street in Honolulu. Work consisted of demolition and removal of existing concrete pavement, bus pad, and underlying base; reconstruction of curb, gutters, sidewalks, ADA-accessible curb ramps, concrete bus pad, and manhole frames and covers; restoration of signage and striping; and preparation of a NPDES NOI Form C permit.
Civil design services for the resurfacing and reconstruction of the Mana Drag Strip on Kauai to provide a safe and functional facility for motor sports. Applicable permits included NPDES NOI Form C, Shoreline Setback Determination, Special Management Area Minor, and Conservation District Use Permit.
Planning, design, and public relations services for traffic calming programs at various locations throughout Oahu to improve vehicular and pedestrian traffic conditions. Each project stemmed from the City’s Vision Team program and integrated both community support and input gathered from traffic improvement workshops run by TLCG staff. Design of the accepted improvements – including the construction of new bike lanes, roadway medians, curb extensions, speed bumps, roundabouts, and ADA-compliant curb ramps – were completed for three project neighborhoods: Moanalua Valley, Newtown, and Nuuanu.
Planning and design of roadway traffic calming improvements in Moanalua Valley to increase traffic safety throughout the area. Planning and design elements addressed the needs of residents, who prioritized their selection of roadway improvements through a series of educational neighborhood board workshops run by TLCG staff. Traffic calming strategies utilized for this project included bike lanes, speed tables with curb extensions, and medians with curb extensions.
Design for traffic improvements at various locations in the Palolo Valley area to increase safety for pedestrians and vehicles. Services included conducting public informational meetings to notify and educate affected parties; designing mini-roundabouts and ADA-compliant curb ramps; and obtaining necessary federal permits and environmental clearances.
Civil design services for the repaving of approximately 1,800 linear feet of access road to the Kalihi 614’ Reservoir. Drainage improvements included a concrete cut-off ditch and sub-surface drainage to minimize deterioration and roadway damage from upstream runoff.
Civil design services for the soil remediation of a former pesticide mixing and loading site in East Kapolei. The remediated site, which will be developed into affordable housing for native Hawaiians, was featured as a Brownsfields Success Story by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Civil design services to obtain permits for the proposed grading work at a site containing contaminated soils from previous agricultural use.