The Limtiaco Consulting Group is a “youngry” hardworking and talented civil and environmental engineering company. We solve difficult problems with practical solutions.

“Let’s face it, COVID-19 sucks! But on the bright side…

…I get to spend more time cuddling with my cat.”

…I got to play tourist without all the tourists!”

…I enjoy more free time without all the traffic!”

…I get to spend more time with my dogs.”

…by wearing a mask, I don’t have to put on make-up on or brush my hair.”

…WFH has been so wonderful!!”

…it’s nice to save time by not driving to every single thing (every work day, every work meeting, doctor’s appointments, workouts, volunteer organization meetings).”

…I get to save money by not going out.”

…I’ve learned to really appreciate all the little things.”

…without the morning rush, I’m having lots of nice breakfast conversation with my family.”

…it forced me to make conscientious efforts to reach out to the important people in my life.  Virtual get togethers have made it so much easier to keep in touch with friends & family that I’ve been putting off because scheduling & traffic used to make it “so difficult”.

supporting local restaurants means I can cook less at home!”

…my friends and I have vastly improved at League of Legends.”

…It’s helped me appreciate how wonderful the small things in life can be.”

…Ice cream is as JUST as tasty during a pandemic as it was before!”

…People are more aware of hygiene (hopefully), which would be helpful during flu season after Covid-19 is over.”