Civil design services for the soil remediation of a former pesticide mixing and loading site in East Kapolei. The remediated site, which will be developed into affordable housing for native Hawaiians, was featured as a Brownsfields Success Story by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Civil design services to obtain permits for the proposed grading work at a site containing contaminated soils from previous agricultural use.
Civil planning and design services to close the existing large capacity cesspool at Waipahu Clubhouse, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program. TLCG developed plans to redirect the wastewater generated by the Clubhouse to the City’s sewer collection system via gravity flow.
Design services for the clean/closure of 3 inactive Large Capacity Cesspools (LCCs) and conversion of 26 LCCs to aerobic wastewater treatment systems to service recreational cabins at Bellows Air Force Station. Scope of work for the environmental permitting phase includes a Review of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and coordination services for Special Management Area (SMA), State Historic Preservation District (SHPD), and Coastal Zone Management (CZM).